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  Masonry Materials


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Masonry Materials

For Homeowners And Contractors

At Sparta Block, we have masonry materials for homeowners and contractors that are perfect for all of those outside jobs, stonework and projects. Our products can be picked up, but we also do bulk delivery.

Masonry Materials

Here is the range of masonry materials we offer:

• Patio Supplies – Create an attractive patio area with our extensive range of pavers, brick pavers, and natural stone pavers.

• Landscape Walls and Retaining Walls – If you are building a free-standing wall, we can supply the materials, including concrete and natural stone.

Veneers – Give your outside space some elegance with full stone, thin stone, full brick, thin brick or cultured stone veneer.

• Driveways – Make your driveway beautiful with asphalt, concrete, clay, or natural stone pavers from us.

• Walkways – Pavers, natural stone, or decorative gravel can all be supplied by Sparta Block to ensure you get the walkway you want.

• Fireplaces and Fire Pits with firebricks – Create an attractive fireplace in either brick or stone for an interesting feature in your home.

• Steps – Steps are a practical feature of many outdoor areas, but they can also be attractive. Get concrete or natural stone from us.

• Treads – Cap your steps with either natural stone treads or concrete cast treads.

• Hearths – Hearths are normally made from stone, brick, or concrete. We supply it all at Sparta Block.

• Sills – Window sills can be made from a variety of materials, including stone and wood, and they are all supplied by us.

• Caps – We supply caps, but you can decide how you use them. You can of course cap your chimney, but they can also be used as a countertop and in many other practical applications.

• Edging – Keep your dirt, stones, mulch, and gravel in place with edging from Sparta Block. For any of these products, and much more, contact us today.

• Bricks – Brick makes any building look beautiful, requires little maintenance and allows your home to necessitate less heating and cooling.

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