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Stone Dust

stone dust

Stone Dust

Stone dust also called stone screenings is like a darker, coarser version of sand. It is a byproduct of running stones through a crushing machine to make the crushed stone. It has been used and continues to be used as the base and setting bed in many patios, hardscape blocks, walkways and driveways that are second only to sand as a base for pavers.
A thin layer is applied and leveled to allow pavers laid directly on top of the stone dust. Because stone dust contains very fine mineral aggregates, it forms a hard, impenetrable surface.
Recently stone dust has found another use as a soil additive. The minerals in stone dust help in the growing of many garden vegetables prove that stone dust can replace the nutrients that have been lost to the earth over the past centuries as a result of excessive farming and use of harsh chemicals in agriculture. It absorbs moisture, holds on to it and drains very slowly because powdery nature restrains drainage that why crops don’t need a lot of water to produce harvests of magnificent vegetables.
Also, is very often used in horse stalls and riding areas.

Sizing:  stone dust typical grain size of  0 – 3..4mm or 0 – 6..8mm.

Available in: 80 lbs. bag, quarter yard, half yard, yard, and Truckload up 20 yards per truck.Sparta truck

Located in northern New Jersey, we service locally bulk delivery for Sussex County, Passaic County, Bergen County, Morris County, Essex County and Hudson County.
Our dump trucks can deliver up to 20 yds of stone dust, but we can also send our boom trucks with palletized materials. We stock 80 lbs bags of stone dust (33 bags on the pallet) For difficult to reach job sites we have our Forklift/Piggyback trucks on standby.
For pickup stone dust by contractors or homeowners please visit our yard in Sparta, NJ

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