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EnviroBrick, superior compressed wood fuel block that is long lasting and safe.
Burns hotter, longer, and there are no additives, resins or waxes.

envirobrick on fireEnviroBricks are more environmentally friendly than firewood or coal used for fuel in fireplaces or wood burning stoves.  Those bricks are manufactured from completely kiln dried hardwood lumber sawdust and compressed with 24 thousand lbs pressure making them twice as dense as regular wood and burn longer than the same size firewood logs.

Envirobricks are manufactured with a consistent size and palletized for easier storage.

envirobrick pallet









envirobrick bricks











1 skid of Enviro-Bricks ( 42”x42”x48”) take half the storage space than same weight cord of wood but provide longer burn times, due to compactness and optimized burning appliance fill.envirobrick chart

sparta block panoramaContact us for more information on Enviro-Bricks, we offer competitive pricing, samples available upon request while supplies last. 973-729-6686