New in stock-Enviro-Brick- affordable clean energy

Enviro-Brick -Your environmentally responsible, economical solution for all your wood heating needs.


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Enviro-Brick heating fuel is an effective alternative to other fuels such as coal, natural gas or oil. Unlike fossil fuels that extract CO2 from the ground and deposit it into the atmosphere when burnt, Enviro-Bricks are considered CO2 neutral because the trees from which they are manufactured extract more CO2 from the atmosphere than the bricks emit when burnt.
EnviroBricks produce approximately 52% less particulate matter into the atmosphere than burning regular wood.

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Enviro-Bricks are equally sized units and fit into wood burning stoves or fireplace perfectly, the fire burns then longer and more uniform.
Individual blocks are manufactured from 100% kiln dried hardwood sawdust and compressed with 24,000 lbs pressure making them twice denser than natural wood. They are perfect size and easy to handle!
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Enviro-Bricks are  easier to store than cordwood.
1 ton of Enviro-Bricks is packed on 42”x42”x48” skid.

ENVIRO-BRICK are safe for all your wood heating needs

EnviroBricks are additive free  used for home heating fuel in wood burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces, outdoor camping and cooking firepits.
Because Enviro-Bricks  are manufactured  from 100% kiln dried wood waste, there is much less moisture to cause improper burning. This means less buildup of creosote on chimney walls , less cleaning and less risk of fires inside chimney.

envirobrick chartEnviro-Bricks pack a lot of BTU in a small package with very little moisture to get the maximum energy you possibly can out of them as a heat source. They burn hotter, longer and create less smoke, ash and creosote than cordwood.

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