Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer



natural stone veneer

Stone veneer can be made from natural stone as well as manufactured stone. It is very elegant and smart masonry method to beautify any construction project from outside walls in bathrooms and fireplaces.

Veneers are incredibly important in design and construction because they are increasing the value of any building and simply transforming our world to look more attractive and natural.

Eldorado Stone veneer

Eldorado Stone – manufactured stone veneer

The modern veneer industry offers several types of products to choose from including natural and artificially manufactured stone.

Natural category, including full stone, thin stone, thin brick or full brick. Natural stone veneer is made from real stone that is either collected as a Fieldstone or quarried from Earth deposits. Then the stone is cut to a consistent depth and weight for use as a veneer and distribute on the market.

eldorado Stone Veneer

Eldorado Stone

Manufactured stone sometimes called cultured stone is fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete mix to rubber forms of different style and then painted with a coloring process which makes it resemble real stone. The stone veneer produced is then installed in various construction projects with special stone veneer mortars.

In the 21st century, most company’s perfected manufacturing process and final product are almost as good as natural.

Sparta Block is proud to distribute fine manufactured stone from companies like ELDORADO STONE , STONECRAFT, DUTCH QUALITY STONE, Environmental StoneWorks, Cultured Stone® by Boral® who are the leading producers of architectural stone veneer with an unwavering reputation for high quality and passion for creating authentic products like brick veneer, fireplace surrounds and outdoor living and of course thin stone veneer.
The veneer is typically 1″ thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot so that no additional structural supports will be needed for installation.

Nearly anything is possible with thin stone’s installation, it installs over wood, concrete, brick or block with such diversity in shape, color and texture, it’s easy to see why it dramatically enhances any exterior or interior space.


The thin stone veneer was first developed in the late 19th century, but there were materials used much earlier that preview the use of stone veneer. Parts of the Roman Coliseum were made out of marble veneer that can no longer be seen.

Roman Colosseum

Roman Colosseum



Ancient Romans also developed concrete (out of cement and rubble stone), which helped builders expand structures greater than before. Stone veneer was used as a part of the facings of these new concrete buildings spread thru the entire Roman Empire.


If you are looking for natural stone veneer, nothing is better than a genuine work of art created by Mother Nature. Sparta Block is proudly providing products from the best suppliers in the country such as Champlain Stone, QuarryCut, Delgado Stone, Stoneyard, Natural Stone Solutions

As a natural stone availability may change in time, we advise to call our Sparta office directly and confirmed availability. 973-7296686 

Modern stone veneer first made its appearance in the late 1800s. It was cut into thick pieces and then installed as panels. Granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate were used the most in areas such as the inside of buildings, street-level facades, and storefronts.

Summarizing, stone veneer has all you need for groundbreaking and distinctive interior and exterior residential, commercial and landscape projects. Leading manufacturers like Eldorado Stone and Stonecraft, work closely with architects and designer to bring to life innovative stone and brick styles that range from old-world to contemporary – whether you’re creating a traditional stone fireplace or a modern, sleek manufactured stone wall in your kitchen or bathroom.

eldorado fireplace surrounds with Stone Veneer

Eldorado fireplace surrounds

Check Eldorado Fireplace Surrounds creating easy and stunning transformations to your fireplace design.