Sparta Block video | Mason Yard | Fall 2017

Sparta Block mason yard sky view

This post shows a birds-eye view of our Mason yard in 2017 beautiful fall foliage.

New in stock-Enviro-Brick- affordable clean energy

Enviro-Brick -Your environmentally responsible, economical solution for all your wood heating needs.


envirobrick on fire

Enviro-Brick heating fuel is an effective alternative to other fuels such as coal, natural gas or oil. Unlike fossil fuels that extract CO2 from the ground and deposit it into the atmosphere when burnt, Enviro-Bricks are considered CO2 neutral because the trees from which they are manufactured extract more CO2 from the atmosphere than the bricks emit when burnt.
EnviroBricks produce approximately 52% less particulate matter into the atmosphere than burning regular wood.

envirobrick bricks










Enviro-Bricks are equally sized units and fit into wood burning stoves or fireplace perfectly, the fire burns then longer and more uniform.
Individual blocks are manufactured from 100% kiln dried hardwood sawdust and compressed with 24,000 lbs pressure making them twice denser than natural wood. They are perfect size and easy to handle!
envirobrick pallet











Enviro-Bricks are  easier to store than cordwood.
1 ton of Enviro-Bricks is packed on 42”x42”x48” skid.

ENVIRO-BRICK are safe for all your wood heating needs

EnviroBricks are additive free  used for home heating fuel in wood burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces, outdoor camping and cooking firepits.
Because Enviro-Bricks  are manufactured  from 100% kiln dried wood waste, there is much less moisture to cause improper burning. This means less buildup of creosote on chimney walls , less cleaning and less risk of fires inside chimney.

envirobrick chartEnviro-Bricks pack a lot of BTU in a small package with very little moisture to get the maximum energy you possibly can out of them as a heat source. They burn hotter, longer and create less smoke, ash and creosote than cordwood.

Contact Sparta Block for pricing and more information on Enviro-Bricks . 973-729-6686

Indiana Limestone Company

Indiana Limestone – state-of-the-art on-site fabrication facility

Indiana Limestone Block

Watch this YouTube video to see the manufacturing process of raw limestone being turned into beautiful final product. Southern Indiana quarries are geologically unique in the World know to have the highest quality quarried limestone in the United States.

Indiana limestone operations and reserves extend over 4500 acres, yearly quarrying more than 2 million cubic feet of limestone, focusing on effectiveness, quality and precision.
The first organized quarrying in Southern Indiana was established in 1827 near Stinesville.
Since then Indiana Limestone Quarriers developed new technology and methods to increase productivity, you can see in this video, that industry entered the 21st century with reborn vigor and enthusiasm.

Empire State Building

Classical  buildings  like The National Cathedral, the Pentagon, Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building are all decorated with limestone quarried from Southern Indiana quarries.



Nicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls

The Nicolock paving stones Difference!

Nicolock paving stones

Nicolock paving stones and retaining wall manufacturer available at Sparta Block offers the very best in quality, color and selection. Featuring patented PAVER-SHIELD™ technology, Nicolock can make your hardscape dreams a reality!

Nicolock recently invested millions in the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment available on the market  to produce hardscape products that exceed the standards of the industry today!

This state-of-the-art equipment provides machinery to manufacture pavers with surface protection and rich color throughout the entire paver. Nicolock calls it PAVER-SHIELD™! Selected materials used for production and careful quality control during the entire manufacturing process guarantees product consistency and allows to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Obtaining the perfect landscaping around your house is easier than you think!

Just ask Sparta Block sales representatives for more information on Nicolock paving stones products.
Call Bill 973-729-6686 or visit our yard at 477 Woodport Rd. Sparta, NJ



Kedilastic Kedil waterproofing
Please watch Central Supply Inc. new video. Our sister company located in Passaic, NJ is  introducing a new structural and foundation ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​waterproofing products in 2016. Main part of this video is about a installation of Kedilastic a two-component, highly flexible, waterproofing membrane. Kedilastic is suitable for use in swimming pools, tanks, balconies, terraces, bathrooms and showers. It forms a flexible membrane and can be applied to cementitious substrates or existing wall coverings providing they are clean and firmly anchored to the substrate.
At the end of this video you can see  Platon air gap waterproofing membrane, Platon, is the most advanced foundation protector on the market, works with all foundation types. Unlike spray-on products, Platon is a durable, environmentally responsible HDPE membrane with a dimpled design that physically prevents wet soil from coming in contact with foundation walls by utilizing an air gap that allows air to flow and moisture to drain.

American Rock Salt

Another winter of 2015/2016 is approaching fast, pretty soon beautiful and colorful autumn foliage will be covered by white powder and ice. Before you know it, you’ll be pale, cranky and cold. The sun and its warmth will be a warm, distant memory. But don’t panic, we at Sparta Block like to think ahead.

To help our customers survive harsh winter environment, we stock pail the rock salt and calcium chloride at our yard in Sparta, NJ. Unlike our competitors, all of the rock salt we sell comes from the United States – from the mine located south of Rochester, New York.

2015-10-31 08.07.56

American Rock Salt Halite















All roads, sidewalks, paths will need ice melts soon. Rock salt and calcium chloride is the best method  for de-icing roads. The rock salt applied to icy roads in the winter is the same substance that comes out of your salt shaker. The only difference is the size. Rock salt is the material that has crystallized in larger pieces, whereas table salt has been ground up and pulverized to a more or less uniform size distribution.

American Rock Salt

American Rock Salt stocked at Sparta Block
















American Rock Salt Halite is available in 50 lb. bags. It is quick acting and has greater melting power than most products on the market today.
American Rock Salt Halite begins melting ice rapidly and keeps melting it for an extensive period of time. This is made possible through multiple-sized crystals. The smallest crystals dissolve quickly while the larger crystals last longer, reducing the amount of rock salt needed to get the job done.

American Rock Salt is easy to apply. It may be safely used on most surfaces ranging from blacktop, wood, stone, and gravel to properly cured air-entrained concrete.

PELADOW Calcium Chloride Pellets- Calcium chloride is just as commonly used to melt ice on the streets as sodium chloride is.

calcium peladow

Calcium Chloride PELADOW


Calcium Chloride PELADOW pellets  is the fastest-acting, most effective product available for melting snow on sidewalks, steps and drives, and preventing ice-related accidents.

Calcium Chloride Pellets is recognized by snow and ice removal experts as a prompt acting deicing product . An ice melter that delivers performance, Peladow melts ice on contact. Most de-icers become practically unproductive once the temperature drops below +20o F while Peladow keeps on melting even at temperatures as cold as -25o F. It is also safer to use and does not chemically attack concrete, will not harm vegetation, leaves no powdery residue.

We stock 50 lbs bags of Calcium Chloride pellets during the winter season all the time.


Central Supply-YouTube Time-lapse Video

Central Supply logoCentral Supply…Once Upon a Time in the Mason Yard far, far away

Sometimes only time-lapse videos can give you a full view of life passing by and a entire spectrum of conducting business activity in the capsule. Usually the technique has been used to photograph crowds, traffic, and other fast paste evens or to show the effect of photographing a subject that changes imperceptibly slowly, to create a smooth impression of motion.  We compressed hours and hour’s worth of photos  into a video with merely few minutes of playtime to show  activity at Central Supply.


Our sister company Central Supply in Passaic, NJ.

Enjoy watching


Outdoor Living

Spring just arrived, so prepare for outdoor living

Finally cold winter 2015 is over, the snow is almost gone, so it’s time to forget polar vortexes and snow blowers until next year. A warm living room, and indoor fireplaces can wait until next fall. Outdoor living is here, it’s time to venture out. Sparta Block is ready for your needs; we have everything you want to build your dream home, gardens, patio or outdoor fireplace. Now is the time to renew, refresh or extend the living space and appreciate the outdoors with an area for dining, grilling or relaxing.

Winter 2015 left a lot of damage. Concrete patios, walkways and driveways had to stand up to a lot of abuse over the last few months. Frost, snow shovels, and harsh deicing salt products damaged these solid areas. A huge amount of melting water flowing over concrete driveway, patio or pavers can cause them to settle unevenly and shift or break easily destabilized by the freeze and thaw cycle.

damage concrete

If you used rock salt on concrete, limestone or bluestone patio, you have probably damage all over the place. Rock salt is hydroscopic, it means, rock salt actually absorbs more water to it. So during melting time concrete is saturated with approximately 10% more water than normally would be. Next, when temperature goes down below 25 degrees, extra water absorbed in the surface layer expands, and upward hydraulic pressure creates damage with pits or spall crumbling everywhere.

Call Sparta Block or visit our yard if you have to do any repairs in your landscape or hardscape projects. We have every material or tools necessary to accomplish any job. For building new outdoor living spaces we recommend Eldorado Outdoor products and a huge selection of pavers and natural stones exhibited in our outdoor display area.

Eldorado Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor space is very important, so get inspired to create beautiful landscaping, patios , gorgeous modular outdoor kitchens  or Artisan Fire Bowls or fire pits.

Our knowledgeable staff can give you advice on DIY projects or connect you with a professional contractor, so make your outdoor space as comfortable and welcoming as your indoor rooms.